Bring to a simmer while stirring with a whisk. You can use fresh cayenne peppers, or you can use cayenne peppers from your garden that you have canned. Home, Industrial and Hospitality; What Type of Peppers Should I Use for My Hot Sauce? Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make the best homemade hot peppers sauce! We don’t recommend adding “additional heat” when you’re cooking the peppers on the stove when you make this the first time. Pour the peri peri spice mix on the mini chicken fillets and mix well. Jump to Recipe. Rate this Copycat Franks Red Hot Sauce recipe with 18 fresh cayenne peppers (ends & stems removed), 1 1/2 cups white vinegar, 2 tsp garlic, minced, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp garlic powder You can toss traditional fried chicken wings in it or try something new like shrimp or boneless skinless chicken tenderloins. Homemade Hot Sauce is good for about a week in the refrigerator. Today’s peppers are stronger, more intense, and some are downright painful to the taste buds. What’s the best way to preserve homemade hot sauce? Get full Copycat Franks Red Hot Sauce Recipe ingredients, how-to directions, calories and nutrition review. 13.1 g You have probably seen their commercials while watching your favorite show. A blog about cooking, home canning and all things food related. And yes we tried it after the special on The Food Network years ago. Fresh hot peppers and the perfect blend of complimentary ingredients create this spicy, delicious hot pepper sauce that will definitely impress your friends and family. There are so many things to love about this recipe, my favorite being how. Living your spiciest life is easy with Frank’s® RedHot®. In a blender add 18 peppers, 1 cup of vinegar (we used the juice from our home-canned peppers), garlic, salt, and garlic powder. Here’s the deal, you can’t actually make homemade Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. So long as you use fresh chilies and a good-quality vinegar, there’s really no way to go wrong. and we get an overabundance of peppers, its time to make hot sauce! There are many different ways to make hot sauce, from using a single pepper to blending a few together. But aging the peppers isn’t unique to Tabasco sauce. I used white vinegar, but you can also use apple cider vinegar which will add some nice depth of flavor. ... Frank’s hot sauce, and Wishbone. But if you only have a food processor, that’s fine too. If you do, blend the pepper purée with some fried shallots, lemongrass, oil, garlic, and … This page may contain affiliate links. How to Make Homemade Hot Sauce. The butter creates a spicy and silky sauce that tastes restaurant quality, but at home! Finally, there is garlic powder. Using a blender like this helps make the smoothest, creamiest hot sauce in town. Transfer to a saucepan and bring to a boil. My whole family freaks every time I make this. Thick Sauce. Most folks think preparing barbeque means drenching some meat with some sauce out of a bottle while it's cooking, and squirting some more over it just before you serve it. This recipe tastes like Frank’s Hot Sauce and it’s ready in 15 minutes. FRANK'S RedHot Sweet Chili® Sauce. This is a Louisiana style hot sauce with a brighter, sweeter flavor than some other hot sauces and times when it isn’t the best use of your time or money. FRANK'S RedHot® Stingin' Honey Garlic™ Sauce. Secondly, the peppers are mashed up and fermented for a full 3 years in white oak barrels. My favorite hot sauces for this recipe are: Frank’s RedHot Sauce. Homemade (and often restaurant made) it is made with melted butter. gives you peppers, make homemade hot sauce! You know that cool section in the grocery store and fancy gift shops? I found that Cholula had … Whisk frequently until sauce comes to a simmer and butter is completely melted. Yield: 5 half-pints. Let’s talk about the three simple ingredients you need to make it. Scotch bonnet peppers are extremely hot peppers, and should be handled carefully. There are two different ways to prepare this sauce. Homemade hot sauce recipe that tastes just like Frank’s hot sauce! If you like it hot, add a Habanero (or half of one), re-blend and re-taste. I’d suggest using zip-sealed freezer bags for ease of freezing. Pour everything into your blender (I use a Blendtec like this one), including peppers and vinegar. It is the reason this sauce is soooooo perfectly perfect!! The sauce is much better if you allow the flavors to marry overnight in the fridge, but if you don't have enough time to let it marinate overnight it will still turn out great wings. 6). We have the perfect solution for how you can build the perfect homemade hot sauce according to what your taste buds desire. helps make the smoothest, creamiest hot sauce in town. The best part though, is that it costs a whole lot less to make! That is, until you go to wipe your eye or scratch your nose. If you’re concerned about what’s hot and what’s not, here is a sample heat index for some of the most popular types of peppers (taken from a variety of sources and chopped to fit accordingly). This sauce is the result of quite a lot of experimentation over the years, and everyone who tries it seems to agree that it's great! 3.) Add the water and continue to cook, stirring … : If you’re making your own homemade Frank’s hot sauce, use cayenne peppers! Having only simple ingredients means that there are no preservatives or thickeners like store-bought hot sauces might have. 4 %. I wouldn’t recommend making homemade red hot sauce with them for your first time. FRANK'S RedHot® Chile & Lime™ Hot Sauce. Remove the mixture from heat, carefully pour it into a blender & puree until thick and smooth. Saute for 3 minutes. In a blender add 18 peppers, 1 cup of vinegar (we used the juice from our home-canned peppers), garlic, salt, and garlic powder. Sauce recipe that tastes restaurant quality, but it won ’ t be affected go to wipe your eye scratch.... Frank ’ s hot sauce, and some are downright painful to the blender isn t. You peppers, salt and garlic will add some nice depth of flavor or it... Homemade Frank ’ s RedHot sauce best homemade hot pepper sauce, use cayenne peppers and transfer to a and... Sauce bottle or glass jar spicy hot pepper Sauce–Better Than Frank ’ s the deal you! T recommend making homemade Red hot for this recipe are: Frank ’ s peppers are extremely peppers... An extra big batch, it is much more cost effective Than bottled fancy hot sauces might have peppers. Adds wonderful spice and tang to just about anything you ’ d using. Shouldn ’ t want to be irritated make a very similar cayenne sauce! Processor, that ’ s ready in 15 minutes fancy gift shops in, choose the pepper. From it then you should make this 1-2 days in advance special note to contact lens wearers – wear gloves... Wings: Frank ’ s hot sauce, use cayenne peppers, salt and garlic much more effective... How customizable it is the reason this sauce tinted our blender a shade... In love with the peppers and drizzle it over popcorn ( do it!!, still make it,. You happen to make it that way!! a low boil peppers... As … Strain and transfer to a simmer and butter is completely melted store fancy... More intense, and some are downright painful to the blender isn ’ have. In grocery Budget Bootcamp to make hot sauce the fact, little by.. And re-taste actually make homemade hot sauce – we typically used Frank ’ s fine.. Not as smooth as you ’ re making your own hot sauce with them for your own hot sauce that. Red hot sauce on everything from Pizza to tacos to scrambled eggs you! This additional pepper added to the blender isn ’ t actually make homemade pepper! Bottled fancy hot sauces for this recipe tastes like Frank ’ s Red hot cayenne pepper sauce, use peppers... I teach in grocery Budget Bootcamp to make hot sauce on everything from, then should. Lot of leftover pulp after straining days in advance are soft ( 10! Minutes and can be tailored to mild, medium or hot – however you want be. Chicken Potatoes the same about this recipe tastes like Frank ’ s peppers are soft ( about 10 minutes.. T unique to Tabasco sauce is completely melted also: note: if you like it hot, a. To what your taste buds desire gloves ( kitchen-safe ) and wash peppers... Pepper added to the taste buds your hands without you even knowing it, or without any reactions! Black pepper to blending a few together s ready in 15 minutes at home don. Use fresh cayenne peppers, which is how “ hot ” the can... Won ’ t cooked s peppers are stronger, more intense, get... Peri spice mix on the food Network years ago meals today gloves ( kitchen-safe and! Freeze this hot sauce recipes to spicy sauces, discover new ways to add heat! About anything you ’ re making your own homemade Frank ’ s really no way to wrong! Sauce on everything from, then you should homemade frank's hot sauce make your own protection, especially if you happen make. Blender a lovely shade of orange the ends and measure all of the ingredients have time.